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Introduction to Chinese Society of African Historical Studies

  Chinese Society of African Historical Studies is a mass academic society on African history in China. It was established in 1980 and locates in Institute of World History, CASS, 1 Dongchanghutong, Wangfujing ST, Dongcheng District, Beijing. It has about 170 members (data in 2014). The commanding institution of the society is the council elected by the representative meeting of its members. The society’s aim is to put the policy “Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend” into practice, to promote academic communication at home and abroad, encourage the study of African issues, develop the Sino-African relationship, and serves for the Chinese reformation and open to the outside world as well as her socialist modernization. The society’s major works include organizing teachers and scholars on African history to do research on historical and contemporary issues of Africa, holding academic discussions in our discipline, editing and translating monographs, papers, reports and materials relevant to our discipline, receiving consultation of relevant offices and corporations, and promoting international academic communications.

  Since its establishment, the society has organized nearly 30 national academic conference, which discussed theoretical issues such as socialist thoughts in Africa, national liberation movements in Africa, the structure of social classes in Africa, political transformation and development in Africa, modernization and economic development of Africa, globalization and Africa, Sino-African relationship, Organization of African Unity / African Union in its 50 years and the cooperation of Africa and Asia, the relationship of Africa and the outside world, etc. The society edited and published academic products such as Papers on African History (Joint Publishing, 1982), General History of Africa (3 vols, East China Normal University Press, 1995), series of African studies (East China Normal University Press). It also holds the edit of references such as Timetable of African History and Catalogue of Materials in Chinese on African Studies, and the translation of General History of Africa (8 vols, organized by UNESCO). Besides, it has also published 28 issues of its own journal Studies of African History. Chinese Society of African Historical Studies encourages and organizes Chinese scholars to go to Africa for academic research and lectures; it also invites famous international scholars to pay a visit to China and give lectures. In these ways, Chinese Society of African Historical Studies has made great contribution to the research and education on African history.

  Establishment: April, 1980

  Location: Institute of World History, CASS

  Post Code: 100006