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Introduction to Chinese Society of French Historical Studies

  Chinese Society of French Historical Studies (CSFHS) is a first-class academic mass society and non-profit unofficial organization. The society is charged by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and receives the guide and supervision of CASS and Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China (MCA, the office for the register and organization of societies in China).

  CSFHS was established in August, 1979. In over 20 years, the society has held 8 annual conferences and several international symposia. Many members of the society used to be abroad to study and research, as well as to take part in all kinds of international academic activities. The society has also invited some well-known international scholars to give lectures in China. CSFHS plays an important role in promoting the research and education of French history in China and in enhancing the communication with the international academia. CSFHS has also made great achievements in the academic research. There are dozens of publications edited or translated by the society; the aperiodic journal Correspondence of French History run by CSFHS is highly influential. In the academic activities over 20 years, CSFHS has brought up many youthful talents, formed good traditions, and focused on academic research. Critical thinking and innovative spirit makes the activities of CSFHS very active. Impressed by the positive model set up by the scholars of the older generation, CSFHS is full of the spirit of unity, unselfishness and friendship ever since its birth, which forms the basic condition of its development and success in research and education. In the coming new century, all members of our society will stick to its positive tradition and make even greater achievements.

  Our aim: CSFHS obeys the constitution, laws and national policies in China and follows the social morality; it puts the policy “Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend” into practice. CSFHS aims to improve the standard of the education and research of French history in China, promote international academic communication and serves for the Chinese reformation and her open to the outside world.

  Our specific activities: to hold academic discussions in our discipline; to edit and translate publications and materials relevant to our discipline; to organize academic training in our discipline; to organize academic communication at home and abroad; to receive consultation of relevant offices and corporations.

  Currently, CSFHS has over 200 members and its secretariat locates in East China Normal University, Shanghai.