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The Section of Ancient and Medieval History

  The section was established in 1978, aiming to do research on ancient and medieval history from primitive society to approximate the sixteenth century. Now we have 10 research fellows in these fields. Our research covers institutional study of primitive society, Assyriology, Egyptology, Hittitology, ancient Greek and Roman history, ancient Japanese history, ancient Korean history, medieval European history, etc. Our faculty can communicate fluently with foreign scholars in English, German, French, Japanese, etc. Our staffs can also use several ancient languages, such as Akkadian, Hittite, Greek, Latin, in their academic research.

  In recent years, our section has finished several national research projects, and took part in many other projects attached to the Academy and the Institute. These projects include “Ancient Kingship and Despotism”, “Ancient Democracy and Republic”, “Hierarchical System in Ancient States”, “the Origins and Development of the Early States”, “Peoples and Religions of the Ancient World”, “Christianity and Peoples in the Middle Ages”, etc. Our research fellows have also published over 20 individual academic monographs and over 30 translations of foreign historical works. In addition, two national social science projects are hosted by our members currently.