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The Section of West European and North American History

  As one of the earliest research sections, it was established in 1964. Currently, the main research focuses are modern and contemporary history of America, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Spain. The famous world historian, professor Huang Shaoxiang,worked here, and some of the first generation of world history researchers trained in the People’s Republic of China, such as Zhang Chunnian, Liao Xuesheng, Cheng Xijun, Sun Chengmu, Wang Zhende, Zhang Haitao, Zhu Guisheng, Zhou Jianqin, etc., also worked here. At present, there are 11 researchers: Wu Bikang, Yu Jinyao, Meng Qinglong, Xie Wenge, Jin Hai, Wang Hongbo, Zhang Hongju, Yao Peng, Gao Guorong, Zhang Jin, Wang Chao, 4 of them are research fellows, 4 of them are associate research fellows, 3 of them are assistant research fellows, and 9 of them hold Ph.D. degrees.

  Guided by Marxist historical materialism, our research is to probe into the evolution of economy, politics and culture of western European and northern American countries, with an emphasis on the historical process of the main countries since the 18th century industrial revolution. Our main research topics are American, British, German, French, Canadian and Spanish history; modern and contemporary European and American economical, social, environmental, international relations history. The foreign language abilities of our researchers are mainly English, French, and German.

  Since its establishment, our section has undertaken a number of national and academy level research projects, such as projects of “Regulations in British and American societies”, “American environmental movements and policies”. The publications of the section hold good reputations at home and abroad. Currently, we are vigorously expanding external exchange and we warmly welcome young researchers with aspiration to conduct Western European and Northern American history studies to join us.

  Main Publications of the Section

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