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World History (Bimonthly)

  World History was created in 1978. It is the only academic Chinese journal specialized on world history studies. It is charged by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and run by Institute of World History, CASS.

  World History focuses the latest academic development, encourages academic innovation, and pays great attention to academic quality. World History adopts the system of peer review. It contains sections such as history of individual countries, regional history, history of certain periods, history of particular subjects, academic writing on special subjects, historical theory, historiography, academic debate on certain topics, review on scholarship, historical reading notes, forum of scholars, report of academic conferences, book review, book information, and so on.

  During over 30 years since its birth, World History enjoys good reputation in Chinese academia. It has won some important prizes bestowed by General Administration of Press and Publication and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

  The editorial of World History regularly organizes “National Academic Conference of Youth Historians” and “Frontier Forum of World History Studies”. We also cooperate with universities to organize academic conference in small scale and academic discussion on outlying and focused topics, so as to encourage communication in Chinese academia and promote the development of world history studies in China.

  World History is Big 16 open in size, 160 pages per issue. It is bimonthly and is published on the 15th of even months.

  Editor in Chief: Shunhong Zhang

  Subeditor: Zairong Xu

  Head of the Editorial: Zairong Xu

  Editors: Juan Du, Honggeng Guo, Fan Ning, Linglan Ren, Zairong Xu

  Editorial Director: Ran Li

  Correspondent Address: 1 Dongchanghutong, Wangfujing ST, Dongcheng District, Beijing

  Post Code: 100006

  Phone: 010-65275907

  E-Mail: sjlsbjb@163.com