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  Historiography Quarterly

  Historiography Quarterly is founded in 1992. It is one of state-level nuclear journals in Chinese and a sole specialized academic journal on historiography in China. Historiography Quarterly persists in regarding Marxism as a guiding theory, earnestly implements “the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend” and promotes academic democracy, so as to promote the healthy development of historiography. This journal is co-edited by Institute of World History, the Institute of History, and Institute of Modern History, CASS. It is a quarterly journal. It carries mainly the first-rate academic papers which reflect the research results of world history studies. Sections of our journal cover theory salon, review articles, special interviews, book reviews, book information, special thesis from abroad, academic correspondence, reading notes, information on history studies, etc.

  Since the publication, the chief editors in turn are Chen Qineng (1992-1994), Yu Pei (1994-2014), Zhao Wenhong (2014), Zhang Shunhong (2015-); and the deputy chief editors in turn are Yu Pei (1992-1994), Li Zude (1992-1996), Jiang Dachun (1992-2002), Jiang Peng (2000-2014), (1997-), Yu Heping (2003-), Liu Jun (2003-).

  Historiography Quarterly provides the scholars at home and abroad with a platform to publish their research results and exchange academic information. It not only pushes the historical theoretical study forward, but also enable different researchers to communicate with each other. What is more, under the guide of the party committee of CASS, it has been an important journal which advocates and promotes the historical theory of Marxism. It has the section named “A Study on Historical Thought of Marxism”, which specially publishes high-level academic papers on historical theory of Marxism, and it is the unique in the national historical journals. Meanwhile, it criticizes the international and influential ideological trends of the bourgeois, such as organizing the relevant scholars to criticize the Wittfogel’s “Oriental Despotism”, so as to clarify its errors. Historiography Quarterly also promotes the healthy growth of young historians through periodic publication and various academic activities.

  Historiography Quarterly not only enjoys good reputation at home, but also is also well regarded in the international academic circles. In recent years, its reprinting rate has been leading among various historical journals; in 2000, Historiography Quarterly ranks the fourth in the 1069 historical and geographical journals (Guangming Daily, May 14th, 2001); in 2001, it ranks third in the 1029 historical and geographical journals (Guangming Daily, March 5th, 2002); it also wins many important periodic awards of CASS. Some foreign magazines, such as the American journal “Historical Abstracts”, include its abstracts and directories.

  Historiography Quarterly also holds various academic activities. It organizes the National Symposium of Historical Theory in cooperation with other academic institutes, which has been carried out in fifteen sessions from 1984 to now, and has become an important platform for the scholars to exchange academic views and discuss academic issues. Secondly, it organizes domestic and international academic meeting and academic exchanging activities, such as the international academic meeting “Historiography in the Twentieth Century: Reviews and Prospects” in cooperation with Department of History, Nanjing University on May 17th-19th, 2001. Thirdly, our editorial also invites famous foreign scholars to give lectures in IWH. For instance, we invited professor Guy Alitto from Department of History, Chicago University to give a lecture titled “Postmodernism and History”.

  Current Chief Editor: Zhang Shunhong