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Centre for Canadian Studies,CASS

  The Center for Canadian Studies was founded on March 1, 1993. As one of the earliest institutes dedicated to Canadian studies, it has played an important role in the field of Canadian Studies in China since its founding. The Center has its staff mainly from branches of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), such as the Institute of World History, the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, the Institute of Law and Institute of World Economics and Politics. It also has several commissioned researchers from institutions of higher learning all over the country. 

  The Center’s mission is to advance scholarship in all fields of Canadian Studies and enhance academic communication with a view to promoting understanding and friendship between the two peoples.  

  The center achieves its mission in the following ways:  

  Ø organizing research events and activities concerning Canadian Studies; 

  Ø offering advice and consultation for relevant government departments; 

  Ø receiving visiting scholars from Canada; 

  Ø publishing academic works and collected papers on Canadian Studies. 



  Director:                  Prof. LUO Wendong 

  Deputy Director:           Prof. XU Zairong 

  Secretary General:          Associate prof. DENG Chao 

  Deputy Secretary General:   Dr. YAO Peng 

  Standing Members:      

  Prof. FU Chengshuang, Prof. LIU Chen, Prof. LIN Yueqin, Prof. ZHOU Shaoqing, Prof. QU Xiangfei, Prof. WANG Hanling, Prof. GAO Guorong, Prof. ZHANG Hongju, Prof. WANG Hongbo. 

  Other Members:              

  Associate Prof. TIAN Huifang, Associate Prof. ZHANG Wentao, Associate Prof. Du Juan.