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The Chinese Academy of International Culture, CAIC

The Chinese Academy of International Culture (CAIC), founded in 1989, is a national non-governmental academic organization with independent legal personality. Respected Professor Hansheng Chen was the first President of CAIC. The current President is Dr. Chaoguang Wang from the Institute of World History (IWH) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).


CAIC aims to promote cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign people, to enhance academic communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign scholars, to assist with scholarly translations and publications of foreign research in China, and to organize academic seminars and conferences in the field of humanities and social sciences.


In the past three decades, CAIC has organized many prominent academic conferences and social activities, which have brought significant impact to the academia. We are convinced that in today's world, the sharing of cultures and ideas among people will enrich our understanding of the relationships between nature and nurture, individual and society, body and mind, as well as the past, the present and the future of mankind. By taking positive actions, we can cope with risks and uncertainties better than before and create more meaningful lives down the road.