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Chinese Society of Ancient and Medieval World History

  Established on August the 1st, 1991, Chinese Society of Ancient and Medieval World History united Chinese Society of Ancient World History (established in 1979) and Chinese Society of Medieval World History (established in 1979). It is a national, academic, and non-profit social organization co-founded by researchers, teachers and relevant working staffs in regard with ancient and medieval world history on voluntary basis. With currently more than 300 members, its management is entrusted to The Institute of World History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 

  The goal of this society is to stick to historical materialism under the guideline of Marxism, encourage the study of ancient and medieval world history in China through academic discussion, promote people’s understanding of world history, and gain a profound view of the development of human history. 

  The Society will serve to: 

  a. Propose discipline construction and theoretical research at home and abroad by organizing academic lectures, seminars and symposiums; 

  b. stay in touch with relevant domestic academic groups to exchange research and teaching experience and achievements; 

  c. assess and recommend research and educational works by members while forming potential team for the profession; 

  d. increase contacts with the international academic community and actively carry out academic exchanges on an equal basis.